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  • “Fear & Faith – Opposite ends of the spectrum, yet they both ask you to believe in something unseen.”

    – Unknown


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  • “Fear & Faith – Opposite ends of the spectrum, yet they both ask you to believe in something unseen.”

    – Unknown


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Your total well-being is our main objective. Each day we are faced with challenges that can begin to feel overwhelming, and our coping mechanisms that once seemed to work are no longer effective. You are not alone, and you do not need to face these life challenges and pressures on your own. Beacon of Hope Counseling Services (BHCS) recognizes that you are an individual with individual needs and goals. Therefore, we have our clients collaborate with the therapist to develop a treatment plan that works for them. In our experience, this method has proven to be effective and clients leave services more successful. From beginning to end, it is a “team effort” between YOU and your therapist. It is critical to our success that every client feels heard and knows they are part of their own planning and ultimately, their own success in achieving their goals.

We offer services for all General Mental Health to all ages, including individuals, couples, families, and children/adolescents as young as 3 years old.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Your Safe Space

At Beacon of Hope Counseling Services, we pride ourselves on giving you a place where you feel 100% comfortable to be the "real you" and talk about what's on your mind. We want to help.

We Can Help

At Beacon of Hope Counseling, every client is evaluated and assessed based on their individual needs. Our commitment is to provide the appropriate treatment and plan that best meets the client’s needs.


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Our Speciality areas -

Children/adolescents - GMH and with trauma for ages 3 – 17

Trauma Therapy

 First Responders (Police, Fire, EMT)

  Military Men/Women and their families


Our office has moved!

We are now located in the City of Mesa!

NOTE: When using GPS, please make sure you select MESA for the address. There is an apartment complex 6 miles South of us with the exact same address, except it is in Chandler; "C" comes before "M" and could cause confusion.

Dover Shores Office Park

2222 S Dobson Rd., | Building 3 Suite #301 | Mesa, AZ 85202

We are on the West side of Dobson Rd. just South of Baseline Rd.

The entrance has two signs, Dover Shores and Regis. Building #3 is located in the middle of this 5-acre business park.

Building #3

Beacon of Hope is located on the single-story side of building #3 (see green square).


Beacon of Hope Counseling Services LLC BBB Business Review

What's behind the name...

We are all captains of our own vessels (ourselves). Life, it’s like the sea; at times it can be calm and allow for smooth sailing. And at other times, it can also be harsh and unforgiving. During each storm we encounter throughout life, it can feel as though a swell of seawater has crashed down on you and you find yourself lost.

Fog is like the state of mind we can find ourselves in from time to time; where it is hard to navigate and find one’s way back. Like most captains, they will search far and wide for the ever glow of the beacon. The beacon brings hope to those who are lost at sea, for they know the beacon not only brings hope, but it will also guide the captain back to safety, where the waters will be calm, and the fog will be lifted.

There are times throughout one’s life that it can feel unforgiving for whatever the reason may be. Beacon of Hope Counseling Services, LLC provides a personal touch of individualized services to meet the need(s) of each individual, family/couple and/or child. Allow us to help guide you out of the fog and back to calmer waters where you can have smooth sailings.

Your team,
Beacon of Hope Counseling Services, LLC