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What Our Clients Are Saying –

What Our Clients Are Saying –

What Our Clients Are Saying -

"Christine Colburn with Beacon of Hope counseling services has worked with all 3 of my daughters. She started with my oldest (15 yo.)daughter first who was hesitant as past experiences have not worked. Within 1 month, Christine was able to build rapport with my untrusting teenage daughter & teachers noticed a difference in her presence & attitude in class & the effort she put into herself. Christine truly cares for her clients & it shows. Having 3 daughters, each with very different needs, Christine was able to work with each one on their personal struggles in ways they were able to understand & overcome. Therapy is more than just talking, especially with children; it is having someone who truly cares about your personal growth & notices the small changes on the path to the greater goal. Everyone has struggles & Christine's passion to help individuals be the best “self” they can be. I would highly recommend her to everyone with children, adolescents, adults, & especially the difficult teenagers who seem to not even care. If there is darkness hovering around, Beacon of Hope can shine some light in any situation."

- Amber Z. (Maricopa, AZ) Mother to previous clients

"Miss. Christine – Thank you for believing in me when I struggled to believe in myself. You truly made a difference in my life and I really think I will be okay now."

- Jess T. (Chandler, AZ) former client

"I have referred children to work with Christine for trauma. She is attentive and understanding and has a great ability to reach the children she works with. I am pleased to see that she will be continuing to serve children and adults in Arizona with independent practice! Welcome to Chandler Beacon of Hope Counseling Services!"

- Lori J. (Mesa, AZ) Former Provider