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BHCS Staff


Christine Colburn LPC, NCC, CCTP - Therapist

Christine Colburn received a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University – Phoenix and opened BHCS, LLC in January 2020 in the East Valley. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) specifically with children. In November 2019, Christine was honored with being accepted into the International Society of Female Professionals (ISFP).

Christine is a strong advocate for all her clients; ensuring everyone feels heard and validated. She also has a direct, straight forward approach when speaking to client’s and or their families, “ It’s important the guardian’s, client’s, and/or families are provided with the facts so that they can, in turn, make an educated decision that needs to made at that time .” Christine has a way of delivering tough subject matters in a kind and caring way as well so that the clients and/or family understand the information, “I cannot expect for my client to do well if someone in the immediate family is not doing well.” She understands life can be tough, and it does not feel fair at times. However, Christine also believes we all have the ability and tools needed to overcome life’s obstacles; however, we all have not been taught to use those tools yet. Therapy is not meant to be a lifelong process in most cases. “Therapy is meant to be a stepping stone in life where we can learn to use the tools, we already have so each individual can better handle life’s challenges.”

Christine’s professional interests focus on children with trauma, and she has been trained as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) through the Arizona Trauma Institute.


Certifications and Honors

Britney Linzy - Intern/Practicum Student

Britney Linzy received her bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University – Tempe, with a degree in Sociology and Communications graduating with honors within their esteemed Liberal Arts and Sciences program. Britney is completing her master’s education at the private institution at Grand Canyon University where she will be receiving her degree in Licensed Professional Counseling. Britney is an intern at Beacon of Hope Counseling services under the direct supervision of Christine Colburn. Britney believes that everyone has a voice that is deserving to be heard and understood. Britney has a genuine call to listen and be an advocate for each client she encounters.

Donovan Colburn - Administrative Assistant

Donovan is new to the field of psychology, but he’s no stranger to the practice of client-centered care. From day one, he has shown great commitment to addressing the needs of both our clients and our clinicians, and his ability to support healthy team dynamics has been instrumental. As we are still in the infancy of our small business, Donovan has been assisting with the evaluation and development of procedures used here at Beacon of Hope and is always open to feedback from our clients. We currently do not have a receptionist and Donovan has taken to handling messages left for us at the main office phone. He is often the first person that new clients will interact with, so he is sure to have you feel welcome!

Marco Mariscal

Marco Mariscal is a clinical counseling intern in the process of applying for his Licensed Associate Counseling degree (LAC) through Grand Canyon University.

Marco received their undergraduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (BA) from the University of Arizona in 2017.

Marco was born and raised in Arizona, working throughout the greater Phoenix area. He has previously worked for several years as a case manager at a community health agency assisting in providing community resources for family members and students at the elementary through middle school level. Marco has worked and facilitated coping skills groups for anxiety and anger management skills sessions as well as parenting support curriculum such as Parenting with Love & Logic.

Marco has been an advocate for developing a circle of trust and support as well as open, honest, and kind communication, believing that “though communication, we can learn to understand, acknowledge and begin to set true and lasting change in motion”

Marco will often focus on the supports present as well as the locus of control and the expression of emotions as opposed to the repression. “the emotions we all feel are true and valid, booth positive and negative, what we do with those emotions is what truly counts the most” Marco’s interests are on those struggling with anxiety, anger, families, and those struggling with adjustments from major life changes.”

Currently, Marco is an intern at Beacon of Hope Counseling Services under the direct supervision of Christine Colburn.

Tenisha Knox-Williams

Tenisha Knox-Williams received her Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Arizona State University. Tenisha is completing her master’s degree at Grand Canyon University, where she will be graduating from the Professional Counseling Program.

Tenisha has an extensive background within the field of social work and has developed a true passion for helping individuals achieve desired outcomes. Tenisha believes that everyone can overcome adversities, no matter how big or small.

Tenisha is currently an intern at Beacon of Hope Counseling Services under the direct supervision of Christine Colburn.